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A slight fuller history

Lieba Bettencourt Holistic Therapist

Well I am not too sure how this blogging works but here goes...

I have been a therapist coming up to 16 and a bit years.
I love what I do with so much I cannot remember doing anything else

I came to London in 2001 looking for a fresh start. I wasn’t to sure what to do next or what I was any good at.
I have to admit I was a serious girlie girl - all my make-up prim and proper, nails always done nicely, hair perfectly styled - so when my mother suggested I go work in a Beauty Salon - well it seems like a good idea and I had no clue about Beauty Therapy at all - so I gave it a try.

Went to work in a small Beauty Salon as a receptionist to just get a feel for the whole thing.The owner showed me a couple of basic treatments, sent me on a couple of basic day courses - one day Manicure and Pedicure class, Darphin Facial and Body training, St.Tropez training.
It all became real  when I started to realise I don’t actually have enough knowledge to know what I was doing properly.
So after a couple of months of convincing myself that at 25 I was too old to go back to college, I finally plucked up the courage and went to college - Funny thing was - I was the youngest in the Holistic Massage course….
I loved it so much and could not get enough that I landed up studying for about 5 years.
I did my ITEC Holistic Massage, VTCT levels II &III  in Beauty Therapy, Reflexology and other courses along the way.

I am really lucky I have found something that I not only love truly, but am blessed with what I think to me is a gift and a privilege -  to be able to help encourage and promote relaxation and in some cases the natural healing process of one's body / muscles and such.  
(We are not doctors and cannot heal clients only help heal ourselves)

Thanks to my amazing husband who encouraged me to try new things and to try and make my own natural products I have found a love and a passion for making and blending my own 100% natural products- I even offer natural Facials.
It is so rewarding seeing on myself and others that my products do work.
I make a natural Beeswax healing cream - which I have personally see how amazing it is.

  • I had a friend who had a very bad case of a skin reaction to Nail Polish remover - she was told it was Dermatitis- and when she applied the creams given to her it aggravated her condition so badly. I made her some cream just to help soothe her skin and it cleared it up within two days. - I was seriously blown away

I have been trained privately in Aromatherapy and have been using Aromatherapy now for about  15 years. And am constantly been amazed how wonderful and how amazing Aromatherapy truly is.

  • I have helped my sister-In Law once when she had a bad case of Insomnia.I made here a  nice blend to help her sleep,which I was amazed how fantastically it actually worked, I also make a variety of hair oils, Muscle relaxants, cellulite oils. Aromatherapy is truly amazing and it still till this day blows me away

We lived in Cyprus for 5 years and being there on such a beautiful small island I learnt to reconnect with mother nature and the earth and learnt to develop further my own healing abilities -
I learnt Reiki I & II  there fell inlove with Crystals and their healing abilities and although I have come to realise that I am not that kind of healer but one of the physical healing if you can call it that.
I heal the muscles and have over the years I have developed my skill as a trigger point massage therapist.
I am not a Sports or Medical Massage Therapist, but I have found that I have the knack, the techniques and gift to help with real serious Back and muscular aches and pains and ailments -  to the point where it is remedial and not just for the pure relaxation.I also  find that with the right Aromatherapy blend of oils, you can definitely help encourage and promote the body’s natural healing abilities, I am just blessed and privileged that I can help in the process.    

One of my neighbours in Cyprus was a Back /Skeletal specialist / Doctor/ Surgeon and when he and his wife realised that I was a Massage Therapist, the wife started coming to me for massages -

She suffered very badly from Oedema and had tried many things (being a doctor), but thought to try massage with myself. After a couple of massages with me and using a blend of oils to help with her condition she said she felt much better,and landed up coming regularly for just over all complete relaxation massages which also helped with her very tight muscles.

She was so happy that her husband started sending me clients pre and post operation that needed to either help relax and prepare that muscles for his procedures on the clients
  • One lady badly needed a neck operation to help with degenerated neck vertabraes but because the whole area was so tight and inflamed and tight he could not operate and he suggested she come for massage to help reduce the inflammation and tension.  
  • I also helped one of his clients who suffered very badly from Hypertension that he was passing out a bit and would get Vertigo symptoms occasionally

  • I have helped many clients with Frozen Shoulder - My husband being one of them. And he admits that if it wasn’t for the months of massages that he had with me - which he will tell anyone were  very slow going and painful the recovery may have been much longer  
  • I had a client who had a slipped disc and after months of trying to convince him to come for treatments after first trying Physio, and been told that his only option was surgery I finally convinced him to come for Hot Stone Massage - We did SIX sessions - and by the end of it he completely recovered much to my amazement and what I found even more rewarding was the numbness he felt in one of his legs had gone and he could feel his thigh again, that was truly rewarding and to this day he says his back is still good.
  • I had a client who had a Knee operation years before, who found he still suffered badly from inflammation and tension in the area that after a couple of sessions the stiffness in the area had improved so much. We even helped with what he thought to be a permanent neck issue to just be tension and he got the his full range of movement in his neck after a couple of massages.  

Since then I have treated numerous sports persons and clients with various skeletal and muscular conditions that have had a need for a more specialised massage and not just a relaxing one.
My massage techniques are very different to a standard Swedish / Deep Tissue / Trigger point massage - as each client is different and individual so are my massages.

  • Other treatments I offer are Lycon Hot and Strip wax - I have been working with Lycon wax since 2005 and I absolutely love Lycon!
  • I now use Dermalogica Facial products and offer Dermalogica as well as my own tailor made facials for clients who truly want 100% natural ingredients / products
  • I used to offer Manicures and Pedicures but found my strength is with Massage so now I mainly focus on Body treatments
  • I offer Reflexology and although we are not allowed to diagnose clients I have helped induce / encourage labour prior to their due dates at least 5 / 6 pregnant clients - one of them was my sister - and I will be showing my husband how to massage me next month as of writing this blog I am currently 35 weeks pregnant.

There are many clients that I have helped over the years that I cannot mention them all.
I just feel privileged to been able to help make a difference.

Thank you for visiting my blog, If you want any information please feel free to contact me at any time.

Lieba Bettencourt
Holistic Massage and Beauty Therapist

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