My Qualifications

I went and studied at Barnet College in North London.

The main qualifications I have are:

  • ITEC Holistic Massage
  • VTCT Levels II & III in Beauty Therapy
  • VTCT in Reflexology 
I also did a Make-Up course through Make- Up international.

I have also done Product training with the following companies:
Caci Slim-Up;
Jessica Nails.

I am self taught with Aromatherapy, and have been using and working with Aromatherapy for over 10 years.(One day I do intend of going to college and getting officially certified).

Now saying that,one must always be very careful when working with Aromatherapy, as if you do not know what you are doing, or do not get the 'doses' correctly it can have a very adverse and sometimes dangerous.

Now I am usually the first one who says to always go for someone who is qualified and knows what they are doing, and although in my case I am not qualified officially -  I do know what I am doing!!
I may not know all the botanical names of the oils, I do know however most of the properties of the oils and am always careful when creating blends for people, as even the most trained therapist should do in any case.
I am sure my track record can verify that I am a very careful therapist.
In any case I constantly go to my blending recipe book that I have 'created' over the years of favorite blends for various different things. and I have about 5 different books that I always go back to for extra reference as you can never ever get too little help from books 

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